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My Exclusive interview, The old interviews, Jordan's contact, and whatever happened to YRN!

My EXCLUSIVE interview with Jordan Brower.
August 2000.
A Jordan Brower interview with 'All Stars' Magazine.
This is from a little over 3 years ago.
Jordan Brower interview #1 with 'Teen Beat'.
Also from about 3 years ago.
Jordan Brower interview #2 with 'Teen Beat.'
From the same time as the other 2 magazine interviews.
Jordan Brower's contact info.
TOTALLY legit.
My page about the Youth Radio Network
If you ever watched YRN, stop here.
If you have the time, please check out this page.
It's mine, added 8-18-05. I'd appreciate it if you stopped by.

Other pages of Jordan Brower

I have gone through all the links and deleted the ones that no longer exist. What that means is that there are only 2 links now. Sorry!
The Matron Presents Jordan Brower.
This one is well put together.
Jordan Brower on TV tome.
A fair site, but they have gathered all their information from my page, so possibly pointless to check.

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The PLACE! What you want to know. It's CRAZY!!!

HEY! Today is June 19, 2005, and I think it's a good day to update the site. I'm sure there won't be too many changes, as Jordan's career seems to be on hiatus. Still, always feel free to Email me with your questions.

Jordan was born in Lompoc, CA, on October 14, 1981 (that makes him 23). He grew up in San Antonio, TX surrounded by some of the nicest people I have ever had the privilege to talk with. Jordan spent a good deal of his time playing basketball and baseball with his brother and the neighborhood kids. Jordan played soccer as a kid, and it's safe to say that if it weren't for soccer Jordan wouldn't have ever been cast in "The Big Green." His soccer coach had been told about auditions for the film (shot in Texas) and suggested that a few of his players try out for the team. The rest is history. Since then he's gone on to do a number of projects, some of them good, some of them laughable. bla, bla, bla...

You want news? I've got news!

2 things:

First, Jordan was recently on an episode of MTV's NEXT, a program in which a girl/guy has a series of 5 daters that she/he can go through. If the girl/guy likes the date that she/he is on, the date can continue. But if the date is going poorly, the girl/guy yells "next." If you like MTV, then you'll really like this show. I'm not a big fan of MTV, but Jordan was fun and why doesn't he have his own show yet!?

Second, Jordan has a small role in an upcoming film, "Relative Strangers," which stars Ron Livingston (of "Office Space" fame). Jordan plays a prisoner. I don't have many details about the film, including possible release dates. But it looks like it's scheduled to come out some time this year (2005).

So, feel free to look around. As always, I update ANY time I find new information. And please, Email me if you have any questions.

Jordan's Movies:

The Big Green
Sticks and Stones
Forest Warrior
Social Studies
Teen Angel
Night Ride Home
Speedway Junky
Held For Ransom

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